How to Get Publicity Even if You Don’t Think You’re Ready

Amanda Berlin of The A. Berlin Agency, Inc. joins us on Day 1 of the Plaid St Annual Conference  to show How to Get Publicity Even if You Don’t Think You’re Ready.

In this session, tailored specifically for bloggers who are looking to expand readership, spread a message, achieve more recognizability and credibility, and connect with other leaders in their space.

  • How to get started with traditional media.
  • What each kind of media will do for you and your podcast based on your goals.
  • What kinds of story ideas will work in each kind of media.
  • How to begin to create relationships with traditional media and to whom you should specifically talk.
  • How to write a pitch that gets a YES.

An Interview with Amanda

Question 1: What is your favorite part about presenting? 

My favorite part about presenting is engaging with you.  I love answering questions on the spot.  I love brainstorming with you in the moment. (This is what I had to do with my corporate clients day in and day out…come up with THE idea on the spot that was going to get them the media coverage they wanted…bringing that skill to bear for people like YOU is what I LIVE for now…I’m using my powers for “good!”)

I love hearing all the ideas that are sparked from the publicity conversation and helping you figure out how to tailor my advice for your business.

I love demystifying the media for people with a powerful message so you can reach the people who need you, raise your blog profile, make a bigger impact and more money.

Question 2: What are you most looking forward to as a Plaid St presenter?  

I am looking forward to the community! I love jamming in person. It’s the most powerful way to create collaborations and forge relationships. I can’t wait to meet you in person. I might hug you!

Question 3: Can you offer a tip to attendees to make the most out of their experience at a conference? (What should they do or not do?)

One tip for getting the most out of a conference is to modulate your expectations. If you’re anything like me, you can get overwhelmed by all the people and the influx of information. Give yourself an achievable goal of connecting with ONE person you REALLY ADMIRE. Then, make it your business to create follow-up opportunities with five other people (I see that as less than a deep relationship but someone with whom you want to continue a conversation.) Oh, and be that “A” student who seeks out the presenter who moved you.

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